So you want to join PRG...

Great! Our onboarding process is simple, just read below.

You’ve got a choice…

Most of our members use Discord to communicate, post unit updates, discuss changes to the group, and organise unofficial sessions; but it’s not required to join our unit.

In fact, all we need you to do is attend the sessions on the weekends and make minimum attendance. You can easily achieve this by adding Cody on steam and setting up the mods.

So whether you’re looking to join in the banter or just play with us, we’re more than happy to take you in! Feel free to add Cody and ask any questions you need, or just hop into the Discord and ask our members.

All members, regardless of using the Discord or not, are required to go through our onboarding process:

  1. Add Cody on steam and get assigned a trainee designation number
  2. Read through the Unit Introduction wiki articles for information about getting started
  3. Attend sessions until the unit internally votes on your application
  4. Once approved, you’re in! If denied however, you will be given more time until you are either approved or leave, whatever comes first.

We all hope to see you in-game soon, new recruit!

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